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How to watch Indy 500 from outside the US

Are you outside the US and looking for the way to follow all the activities of the Indy 500? While this is an event, which has some specific coverage, being outside the US can be a geographical limit to watch or stream this motorsport.

While this is the most exciting race in all of the best motor racing, missing it is not an option regardless if you are outside us.

So how can you ensure that you don’t miss anything? Here lies the solution in this piece of work, we will show you how to use VPN and access the NBC channel that will cover the Indy 500 in the US.

Ok, without squandering our valuable time, let set our pot on the fire.

1.    Download a reliable VPN

The primary step to accessing the Indianapolis 500 live stream while outside the US, is to select a reliable US-based VPN. Then download and install it on your device. You can use many streaming devices. For instance, you can install on your Chromostat, Apple TV, android gadget, computer, or PlayStation.

The good news is that there are many VPN with have US server location. So, you will have an opportunity to go for a choice of your preference. Here are some of your options.

a.    VyprVPN

One thing that you will appreciate about this VPN Is its blazing speed. This VPN is the best option when you want 4K quality streaming.

b.    ExpressVPN

One of the most outstanding VPN that can allow you to access the NBC channel while outside the US. With their 30 day trial, it means that you can play some tricks and access the NBC channel free if you are their new member.

c.    NordVPN

NordVPN is another option that you can consider. They are among the excellent options that can facilitate you access the NBC while outside the US.

After downloading and installing the VPN on your Streaming gadget, then move to the next step.

2.    Choose the server location

The next step is to choose the server location. In this situation, you must choose the server based in the US, as you want to access the NBC channel.

The VPN will route the packets and will fool the internet that is originating from the US.

After choosing the server location, you are ok to watch the Indy 500 like any other person

Last note

While there are several ways that you can access the NBC and watch Indy 500, being outside the US should not be a bother. Follow the above steps and enjoy the race.

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