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Attention Formula 1 Racing Fans. Do you enjoy catching up on the F1 races of the day, week, even year by going online? Tired of having to search for a website to go to day after day after day? If so, because you’ve just found a comprehensive fun down on the different places you can watch F1 racing highlights for free on the web. Continue reading to see the top five options that are available.

F1 Racing RoarTube Highlights Video

Obviously, this is the number one place to go for highlights of open-wheel racing due to the fact that Formula1 is the governing body of this racing series. All of the videos on the site are officially sanctioned by Formula 1 and they feature top-notch production. There are first-person videos to check out, top five moments, and highlights with interviews from the racers themselves.

Sky Sports F1 Videos

Sky Sports is a web destination that houses highlights for sports of all kinds with featured pages for each. The F1 pages happen to have the most content out of all of them though and on top of publishing clips on key races, there are also videos focused on driver stories, gossip going on in the series, and first-person track guides.

RoarTube Formula One Highlights

RoarTube On this site, the Formula One a person can see is mainly from the current race season. There are highlights of key performances, big-time racing events, and spotlights on popular drivers. Each of the videos that are offered can be searched, making it easy for fans to find exactly what they want to look at.

Formula 1 – YouTube

Established on February 14, 2005, YouTube originally only aired content people uploaded of themselves doing fun, crazy, scary, and weird things to get attention. The first ever video was of a founder at the zoo. Now though, things have changed and the platform has actual content exclusive channels with FORMULA 1 being one of them. It’s the official YouTube channel for F1 racing and actually links back to It’s run by the Wieden&Kennedy London agency. The channel is filled with promos, recaps, podcasts, driver bios, previews and more. It currently has 2,260,032 subscribers.

Formula 1 – Channel 4

This is a British TV program that’s called C4F1 for short. Its home is on the British Broadcaster Network and there’s an online version at F1.Channel4.Com. Although the website does show some highlights, it primarily focuses on telling feature stories about the series, its drivers, and actually has a web series with past legendary drivers.

Along with these five options where you can watch Formula 1 racing highlights for free, a few others include, Express.Co.UK, PitPass, SportsPro Media, and Fox Sports. Sure, they may not have made the top five, but, they’re still pretty decent and are worth checking out.

Okay, so what are you waiting for? Get out there is start head to one of the above websites so you can begin watching race highlights online.

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