F1 monitoring threats to Australian GP from major Bushfires

Formula 1 monitoring threat to Australian Grand Prix from major bushfires

In Australian history, the recent fire crisis seems to be the worst it has ever witnessed, with more than 8.4m hectares of land being destroyed. Millions of animals and more than 25 people have died since the start of the fire season.

F1 has been in constant contact with the organizers of the race in regards to the fire issue. The Australian Grand Prix Corporation, together with the F1 community, is planning on the various forms of support that they can offer the fire victims.

The fire being fueled by a change in climate has exerted devastation over a large area. The Australian Grand Prix area has been on the forefront, and this will have an image issue for the F1 as the season soon in Melbourne.

Regardless of any help that F1 will be offering to the fire victims, the optics are still bad, but F1 is working hard to counter the image it has in some areas in terms of irresponsible activities in the environmental context.

To begin with, the turbo-hybrid engines offered an increase in revolutionary efficiency as they have a thermal efficiency of over 50%. And this has greatly improved road cars’ efficiency. Furthermore, F1 is determined to go further by going carbon neutral by 2030. Plans are already in place, and by 2025 the next-generation engines will be introduced.

Much effort has been put from players with the resources in addressing environmental issues in regards to combustion engines as they believe that environment and safety are very vital in securing the motorsport future. The answer to all this is a green fuel, and F1 has several experts working on this together with engine suppliers and various teams.

Car manufacturers and oil companies are putting a lot of effort into synthetic fuel, and fuel technologies that are advanced, and Formula 1 is at the center of coordinating and engaging with to ensure that the right steps are taken to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.

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