Watch French Open online without cable

Watch French Open online without cable

Since the discovery of watching TV online, it has become exciting and awesome to watch the variety show, events, and tournaments online without a cable, and this also allows us to watch TV wherever you are. French Open is one of the most popular tennis tournaments in the world, and watching how your favorite player works his/her magic on the courts is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Making it to the match venue may not be possible for everyone, but you can always watch French Open online through various platforms.

  • Sling TV

This is a great platform that will give you various options for customization. There are three bundles that you can choose from, and this includes orange, blue, and orange+blue. Watching the French Open requires that you have the blue or the orange+blue bundle that has the NBC Sports channel. You can also add the sports extra pack and catch the French Open event on Tennis channel.

  • Fubo TV

Fubo TV is a great platform for watching the French Open online as it offers you dozens of channels that you can choose from. There is only a single bundle to choose from, but you can add channel packs or premium networks. With this platform, the NBC channel is in the main bundle, and this makes it easier for you to watch the French Open more easily.

  • YouTube TV

This platform also has several channels that you can choose from and enjoy the various shows that you want to watch. You can also add a premium network with this platform if you are looking for an even better experience. This platform gives you access to both the Tennis channel and the NBC Sports channel, of which both live broadcast the French opens.

  • DirecTV

This platform has several bundles that you can choose from and make your online experience more fun. The NBC sports channel can be found in all the seven bundles while the Tennis channel can only be found in the Ultimate, Xtra and Choice bundles.

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