What is Indy 500 snake pit

What is Indy 500 Snake Pit?

Don’t be surprised by how many Indy traditions are there for the race. We have the trophy itself, Borg-Warner, balloon release, Coke Lot, and many others.

Even with the advertisement and marketing skills for some traditions, IMS upholds its integrity in all the aspects concerning Indy 500.

With all that said, we have the most known tradition, Snake Pit, which by the name it goes with, it’s sounds cool for old-timers as well as the novice fans.

Snake Pit history

Snake Pit has been known for the years for most insane actions from the fans. You can expect heavy alcohol consumption, flashing, streaking, and bikers.

It’s an infield track for counterculture and college-age fans who have little to no interest in the racing activities, and are just at the IMS for fun and some great time outdoors.

Snake Pit is where you can find arrests for drug possession, disorderly conducts, public intoxication, and fights.

Therefore, as much as it sounds like a cool place to be during the Indy 500 race, be very keen and take care of yourself. You can’t last long if you were to land in trouble with the men in blue informs or other Indy fans.

Let’s look at a few key things to do to survive at the Snake Pit.

Surviving at the Snake Pit

  • Carry your essentials

It can become crazy as it sounds, and you need to have a backup of essentials items near you. Things like food, drinks, tissues, sunscreen, hats, and many more.

  • Choose your company and be alert

Avoid drug peddlers or any other groups of people that look or feel dangerous. You can mix with other people, but we would recommend creating friendships with the staff or police in case you need their help.


Traditions are there as a way the IMS (Indianapolis Motor Speedway) uses to attract more fans, especially the young ones, who have no interest whatsoever for the race. If you can’t make it at Snake Pit, then you can watch it via Indy 500 streaming.

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