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How long does AMA Supercross last

Supercross is an indoor biking contest organized by American Motorcyclist Association. The AMA Supercross is held in January every year in Anaheim in California every year amidst a high tensioned racing atmosphere.

The AMA Supercross racing tracks are made inside the sports stadiums and this reduces the risks of accidents and road hazards. With this, the competition is safe and hassle-free for everyone. Fans at home can utilize the Supercross online stream options to catch glimpses of the races.

The supercross championship has 17 rounds and every round is shown on Supercross’s social media handles through the Supercross streaming of this contest. Each round is equally essential as the earlier you get through the finishing line, the more points you get. In this contest, you must be consistent, as any drop in score might result in your defeat. 

The very first round is started in Anaheim, and this contest is finished in Las Vegas. The races are divided into two regions, eastern and western, and two awards are rewarded to the winner of each of the region.

How long does the supercross last?

The AMA Supercross lasts for five months, and the races take place every Saturday; these races take place every week, and there are no races during Easter. The contest starts in the first week of January and ends in the mid of May. Each round of the Supercross lasts for three hours, and an average race is for thirty minutes. However, the duration of the race also depends on the type of race. The 450SX race lasts for twenty minutes, while the 250SX lasts for fifteen minutes.

The Supercross event starts in the evening with the introduction. This is followed by bikers’ practices, training, and exercises. Many other fun events are also incorporated. The audience can meet and interact with the bikers and can also get selfies and autographs from them. The event ends with a closing ceremony in which the race results are announced. Moreover, the highest scorers are selected for the further rounds while the contestants with no winning are sent home. The final winner is awarded $250000, and if the rider has been on the top every time, he can earn up to $3 million for the victory.

People worldwide can watch this competition through Supercross online stream while the residents of America can watch this competition live by visiting the venue. People can also watch Supercross online on their mobiles through applications like Facebook and Instagram.

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